Delivery & Installation

Benchmark Shelving and Storage operates throughout Queensland, and other states on request. We offer professional and experienced installers to ensure your product is installed correctly, efficiently and safely. Our delivery and installation services includes static shelving, mobile shelving (compactus), pallet racking systems, racking and structural mezzanine floors, workbenches, steel cupboards, cabinets, lockers, and office furniture. Benchmark’s installation crews have extensive experience in a wide range of storage systems and brands.

Benchmark Shelving and Storage hold all relevant insurances and maintain an up to date Work Health and Safety Compliance System. Benchmark also hold a current Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Licence (15043909) which is a legislated requirement for anyone installing Pallet Racking in Queensland.

Relocation Services

Turn to Benchmark Shelving and Storage for all your storage equipment relocation services. Whether your business is relocating or simply needing a fresh look, Benchmark have experienced and dedicated teams that ensure all your relocation works are carried out correctly, efficiently and safely.

We can relocate any storage or workshop equipment, i.e. Pallet rackingsystems, shelving, mobile shelving (compactus systems), raised storage areas (mezz floors) , office furniture, cabinets etc. and re install as required at your new workplace.

If you don’t want the added expense of new storage equipment, however your current set up is not quite right. Why not look at upgrading or altering your existing storage equipment. An alternation could be the best and most cost-effective option for you.

Speak with one of our storage specialists today to discuss your storage relocation or enquire whether an alteration is feasible with your existing storage equipment.

Minimize your staff downtime and maximize productivity by engaging Benchmark Shelving and Storage for your upcoming relocation project.

Mobile Shelving Maintenance and Repairs

In today’s world, occupational health and safety is at the forefront of every business. Employees have moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers, contractors, customers and visitors.

Performing regular maintenance on your storage equipment not only safeguards the unnecessary injury to employees resulting from damaged or non-functioning storage equipment, it extends equipment life and reduces ownership costs by identifying damage or problems early on.

It’s statistically proven that neglecting to perform routine maintenance on mechanical systems results in the steady decline of equipment’s efficiency and durability.

At Benchmark Shelving and Storage, we encourage 6 -12 monthly inspections on all static and mobile shelving.

For a competitive fee, Benchmark Shelving and Storage maintenance team will review your storage system thoroughly to identify any cases of damage or non-conforming products.

Benchmark standard routine maintenance / service checks include the following;
– Damaged or missing shelf clips, bolts, nuts and basic shelving hardware
– Tracks and surrounding floor areas are clear of debris and are not showing any signs of excessive wear
– Tracks or platform base are level and secure
– Handles, consoles, locking devices are present and in good order
– Guide/Load Wheels
– Shelving/Mobile bases – any signs of distortion? Are the welds in good condition?
– Is the system loaded evenly – no overlading of shelves?

If you think your Mobile Shelving System hasn’t been looked at in the last 12 months or might be in need of repair, why not book an inspection or maintenance service with Benchmark today?

Pallet Racking Audit and Repairs

All workplaces have a duty of care to ensure all pallet racking is in safe working order and is compliant with manufacturer and current Australian Standards and Workplace Health and Safety Requirements.

No matter how carefully you use your storage system, damage will occur from time to time, which can result in serious consequences if left undetected.

Benchmark Shelving and Storage recommends that routine weekly or monthly inspections by your staff are in place to identify any potential damage that has occurred and to monitor any minor damage,

To comply with Australian Standards AS4084-2012 (Section 8), your pallet racking must be independently inspected every twelve (12) months to ensure that the racking is safe, free from damage and is functioning within the manufacturer’s specifications. For a competitive fee, Benchmark Shelving and Storage can visit your workplace to conduct a thorough inspection of all your pallet racking and ensure it is up to standard.

Benchmark’s Pallet racking installations, repairs and maintenance work are carried out by our installation crews with experience and knowledge of numerous pallet racking brands and systems. Benchmark Shelving and Storage hold a current Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Licence(15043909) which is a legislated requirement for anyone carrying out Pallet Racking in Queensland.

Custom Products

As an independent operator, we offer a large range of storage systems from leading brands on the market that is bound to suit your needs, however in the rare case your requirement differs from our range, we have a custom solution for you.

If you are seeking a bespoke option for your workspace, a pre-made solution is not always going to be the right fit for your business, so you need to turn to a tailor-made option. We have a wide a range of design capability and suppliers that can produce a quality custom made product to suit your requirements. Speak with one of our storage specialists today to discuss your storage requirements.

Benchmark reserves the right to assess the custom requirement based on feasibility design, safety, capacity and quantity. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.