Wire Shelving

Shelving Height: (mm) 1880, 2200

1000, 1750mm (mobile)

Shelving Width: (mm) 910, 1070, 1220, 1520, 1820
Shelving Depth: (mm) 460, 530, 610
Finish: Chrome Plated and Epoxy coated finish
Shelf Capacity: (kg) Up to 200 UDL
Accessories: Dividers 200mmH

Side and Front/Rear Ledges 100mmH

Basket Shelf (910w x 460d only)

Inclined Shelf (910/1220/1520w x 460d only)

Vinyl Covers

Mobile Trolleys options


Castors Kits 125mm 2 swivel & 2 swivel + brake locking

Wheel Buffer

*UDL = Uniformly Distributed Load. Shelf and bay load capacities vary.

Clean edge – wont snag or tear sterile wrap on instrument trays

Open mesh does not gather dust and is easy to wipe clean

Shelving can be fitted with castors for movable storage

Shelves are height adjustable

Ledges available to contain stock

Dividers available to create multiple storage compartments