Longspan Shelving

If you are looking for static shelving solutions Brisbane, Long Span Shelving could be a worthwhile choice to consider. We have a wide range of Long Span Shelving options available at Benchmark Shelving & Storage. This is a wonderful cost-effective option with the option of different shelf inserts available including timber, mesh and steel. This form of shelving is very practical for a wide range of applications and workplaces. A strong, durable and cost effective system enabling it to be easily configured to suit your requirements. Great for;

  • Retailstores
  • Office Archives
  • Shipping containers
  • Distribution Center’s
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Storage warehouses
  • Mezzanine floors




 900mm (890kg UDL per level)  
 1200mm (660kg UDL per level)  
 1500mm (530kg UDL per level)  
 1800mm (450kg UDL per level)  

 2100mm (385kg UDL per level)  

 2400mm (300kg UDL per level)  

External Bay Length

add 60mm per frame

Starter bays: 1020 / 1320 / 1620 / 1920 / 2220 / 2520

Addon bays: 960 / 1260 / 1560 / 1860 / 2160 / 2460

Shelf material Options:







  Standard Colour

 Gun Metal Grey

Other non-standard colours can be manufactured on request.

*UDL= Uniformly Distributed Load. Shelf and bay load capacities vary

  • Strong, robust and reliable
  • Easily adjusted
  • Large range of sizes available
  • Easily adapted to suit available space
  • Efficient and attractive storage concept