Cold Room Shelving

Galvanised Rivet Shelving

All components have an electro-galvanised coating to protect the system from corrosion that makes it ideal system for use in cold rooms when paired with mesh decks.


 Height: (mm)  1334, 1829, 2134, 2438
 Z Beam Length: (mm)

 [external lengths]

 910, 1210, 1510, 1810, 2110, 2410
 Z Beam Depths: (mm)  

 [external lengths]

 430, 570
 Shelf Levels:  Minimum of 3 levels
 Loading per level: (kg) UDL*             150-270
 Shelf material:  Mesh or timber
Finish:  Electro – Galvanised

*UDL= Uniformly Distributed Load. Shelf and bay load capacities vary.

Pro-Lok Shelving

Pro-Lok has been developed and constructed from materials to withstand demanding food hygiene and healthcare conditions.

Por-Lok is constructed from materials that are impervious to mould and bacteria based fungus. The uprights and horizontals rails incorporate a solid steel core for maximum durability and strength, encased in an easy to clean tough polypropylene exterior. Designed as bolt and nut free and is completely weld-les, the Pro-Lok is easy to assemble and install. Seamless and bug-trap free the Pro-Lok is ideal in wet and dry areas where sterility and compliance is paramount.


 Height: (mm)

1800, 2000
 Widths: (mm) 910, 1060, 1220, 1370, 1525, 1825
 Depths: (mm)   355, 455, 530, 610
 Shelf Capacity: (kg) 180-365
 Shelf Height: (mm)  38
 Pitch Adjustment: (mm)  100
 Standard Colour:  Speckle Grey
 Finish:  Polypropylene

· Easily clips together fast installation

· Adjustable shelves flexibility

· Impervious to mould, bacteria and rust especially for food

· No welds, nuts or bolts smooth clean fnish

· Bridging and corner units free open space

· Withstand temperatures -40 degree Celsius

· HACCP and IFHS compliant