A mesh protection that fits on the rear of single sided pallet racking to safeguard workers from falling hazards.

MonkeyMESH™ is a modular panel system that provides multiple functionality and flexibility.

Suitable for any rack configurations:
Can suit a multitude of rack configurations including standard racking and multiple beam layouts.

MonkeyMESH™ is manufactured from durablegalvanisedsteel and is suitable for indoor, outdoor and cold room use.

Reversible Brackets:
The MonkeyMESH™ bracket design is reversible allowing for a streamlined installation.

Grip Technology:
MonkeyMESH™ brackets pull away from each other creating a ‘positive lock’ and ‘torsion’ effect to the mesh panel.

Multiple attachment points:
The mounting slots on the MonkeyMESH™ brackets can be fitted to any location along the rack upright.

Fully Adjustable:
The fully adjustable design of the MonkeyMESH™ bracket allows fitting to either metric or imperial rack sizes.

The horizontal 3D profiles in the MonkeyMESH™ panel provides for strength and rigidity to the mesh panel.

This innovative product offers safety and affordability reducing risk of fall hazards & Control access direction to stock

MonkeyMESH™ is ideal for new facilities, and can also be installed on existing racking to overcome current risks in a cost-effective way.

Engineered and tested, MonkeyMESH™ is solving safety issues in warehouses by protecting your people and your inventory.

If you want to improve safety, reduce risk and prevent accidents, contact us for further advice on finding the right solution for you.

MonkeyMESH™ provides protection and is ideal for
Archive Storage
Hardware Stores
Store Room