Hand Operated CompakMax

Hand Operated CompakMax Mobile Shelving System
Provides an economical and convenient storage system for applications ranging from offices, archives, libraries, hospitals and retail outlets to light-duty warehouse storage. The high mobile design ensures ease of movement, with a force of only 6kg needed to move mobiles, up to a recommended maximum load of 2 tonnes per mobile.

CompakMax Mobile Shelving System are normally used for light-duty storage situations combined with Brownbuilt Light or Medium Duty RUT Shelving to a maximum advisable mobile width, up to 1800mm wide. Single-sided mobiles are installed with overhead with stabilisers and track keeper plates to prevent tipping, with all mobiles including lateral guide wheels for operator safety.

CompakMax Mobile Shelving System utilise high quality steel tracks for support and stability, with the option of galvanised track and channels, to suit in-floor slab track installations, for increased product durability.

 Track System

Fixed Steel Track on Floor 
 Track Option On-Floor with timber false floor
 Drive Options Hand Operated
 Configurations Configured to suit requirements
 Capacity Up to 2000kg
 Shelving Height (mm) 1875 / 2175 / 2375 
 Overall Height (mm) Add 175mm to bay

Add 225mm to overhead guide if fitted

 Shelving Width (mm) 750 / 900 / 1050 / 1200
 Max System Width Hand operated 1800
 Shelving Depth (mm) 300 / 400 / 450 / 500  / 600
 Shelf Adjustment (mm) 25 
 Shelf Capacity Up to 230kg UDL*  
 Standard Colours Wild Oats or Silver Grey 
 Accessories Available Dust Covers

Upright Rubber Strips

Lateral File Chassis

Roll Out Reference Shelves

Decorative Finishing panels

Wire file racks


 Warranty 5 Years

*UDL= Uniformly Distributed Load. Shelf and bay load capacities vary.