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End Row Wrap Protectors

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The solid End Row Wrap Barrier are fitted to the entire end of the pallet racking aisle. It is constructed from heavy duty steel with a full plate steel facia panel to prevent low accidental forklifts impact to the ends of a double- or single-entry row. End Row Guards also incorporate wrap around end guards providing corner protection as well.

In line with AS 4084: 2012, An upright protectors/guards are mandatory for all frames positioned at aisle and gangway intersections.

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1040mm, 1420mm, 2350mm


Height: 400mm
Width: 1040mm – for standard 838mm frame

1420mm – for standard 1219mm frame

2350mm – for standard back to back bays with 430mm row spacer

Other sizes are available on request to suit different depth racking

Column Type: End Row Barrier Protection
Finish Powder Coated – Orange
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