Complete Maintenance and Repair Services.

Under the WHS Act, all persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must be able to demonstrate that they have taken steps to ensure, so far as is ‘reasonably practicable’, a safe working environment for all workers, and others at a workplace. This includes a process of risk management and complying with all applicable WHS legislation and industry standards.

Performing regular maintenance on your storage equipment not only safeguards the unnecessary injury to employees resulting from damaged or non-functioning storage equipment, it extends equipment life and reduces ownership costs by identifying damage or problems early on.

It’s statistically proven that neglecting to perform routine maintenance on mechanical systems results in the steady decline of equipment’s efficiency and durability.

At Benchmark Shelving and Storage, we encourage 6 -12 monthly inspections on all static and mobile shelving.

For a competitive fee, Benchmark Shelving and Storage maintenance team will review your storage system thoroughly to identify any cases of damage or non-conforming products.

Complete Maintenance and Repair Services.

Benchmark standard routine maintenance / service checks include the following;

  • Shelf clips, bolts, nuts and basic shelving hardware
  • Tracks or platform bases and surrounding floor areas
  • Handles, consoles, locking devices
  • Guide/Load Wheels
  • Shelving / Mobile bases
  • System and shelf loading

If you think your Mobile Shelving System hasn’t been looked at in the last 12 months or might be in need of repair, why not book an inspection or maintenance service with Benchmark today?

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